“Keep On Pushing”

If any of you read this title and start humming to yourself, you like me, remember The Impressions led by Curtis Mayfield and the anthem that reminded us that only moving forward would get us “there.”  If you are too young to know what I’m talking about, You Tube it or something…….

Today is July 1, 2012.  Today marks the beginning of the second half of this year.  On Friday, in conversation with some of the women I work out with at Curves they started talking about how they couldn’t believe that half the year was already gone.  As  I listened, I was amused by the conversation as I thought about the reality of the situation – time isn’t going any faster than it ever has (it can’t); it just FEELS like it.  Since the very thought that they were “losing” time was beginning to depress them, I offered them that this is a great time to assess where they are and set intentions for the rest of the year.  This comment was met with some thoughtful looks of consideration and few a enthusiastic women said “good idea.”

Then guess what happened?  This morning during worship services, my pastor made mention of the same thing and posed this question to the congregation:  “In what ways have I moved forward since January?”  He encouraged us to evaluate our physical, spiritual, professional, emotional, financial states.  He asked us not to omit looking at the areas where we feel “stuck” and to figure out what is keeping us from moving forward.  He challenged us to ‘quit threatening to move forward and move!’ (ouch!)

I smiled to myself, jotted a few notes on my bulletin (because this entry was taking shape, even as he spoke) and said to myself, “Okay, God.  I get it.  Time to pause and see where I am, where I’ve been and chart a course of action for moving forward.”

So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Over the next 7 days I’m going to take a mid-year assessment of my life and see what’s going on.

I invite you to join me (I’d love to hear all about it!) and I’ll certainly let you know if in my mid-year assessment I discover anything that might aid your journey~

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