Speak The Good


It’s been a while.  As I’ve made SPACE in my internal and external worlds lately, the thoughts and words have been flowing.  For a writer, that’s always a good thing.

Lately, I’ve been almost hyper-conscious of the words coming out of my mouth and the mouths around me.  Finding it critical to my mental, spiritual and physical wellness to Speak The Good.  Yes, I know….there is so much that isn’t good going on in and around you.  Yes, I know…..we’ve just “got to get them told.”  Yes, I know….people don’t often say good things to or about you.  SO? 

Let’s begin to spend less time focusing on what we can’t control and make it our goal to do what we can:  Speak The Good.  So how do you move from a language of negativity to a person whose tongue drips good?

Take out the trash!  For some of us, it is piled to the rafters.  It’s in our homes, on our TVs, iPods, etc.  It is piled just as high inside of us, where we can’t see the good in anything or anyone.  It is all that STUFF that weighs us down and makes us think less of ourselves and others.   Question what folks  have told you about who you are, what you can be and what you can do.  Is it true?  If it is not WHO YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE, then it is trash!  Get rid of it.

I recently started watching, “Finding Sarah” on OWN and heard her ask with all sincerity “how do you get self-worth?”  The title of the show lets us know she has (like many of us at one time or another, so don’t start judging)  lost HER way.  She listened to and believed what she was told about herself so much that she completely lost herself.  That’s what trash does to us.  It makes us take on the language of negative thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and behaviors. We become strangers to the good that we were created to be. 

Taking out the trash means that we have to make a conscious effort to Speak The Good.  Don’t know what to say?  Find yourself some inspirational books or tapes.  Go on-line and search for affirmations that help you with your “trash of choice.”  Make up your mind to do better.  Yes, you can, so don’t go talking about “that’s just how I am.”  It is not.  It is who you choose to be. 

Practice saying something positive each day to yourself and someone else.  It may feel forced or artificial at first, but stay with it.  When we are beginning something new it often feels this way.  STOP listening to negative things about others.  For those of us hooked on “The Housewives” of any state or any other “reality” show where women have made a sport of cussing, backbiting, etc.  it means detox from this for at least 30 days.  It may mean telling our girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, mothers, etc. “I can’t hear that right now.”  See if your ideas about yourself and other women begins to shift just a bit.  Practice not criticizing what another sister is wearing, or where she lives, what she drives or who she dates, loves. etc.  Bring the focus inside and practice being loving and positive to yourself.  Allow yourself to make a mistake.  Forgive yourself for “the great wrong” you think you’ve committed.  Allow yourself to have a good cry, to rid yourself of loss that you’ve been carrying around.  Dance naked in the mirror, thanking God for every bulge, lump, bump.   Speak The Good into your situation. 

I was raised in a faith that was based on the belief that God is Love.  As I’ve grown, I’ve realized that we know this not because God went around “telling” everybody He was love, but by showing up as love in the life of folks.  Love is about action and the place to start is with yourself.  I know for many of us, we’ve been taught that to think of ourselves first is selfish and even sinful.  SO NOT TRUE.   One of my favorite African proverbs says, “Before healing others, heal thyself.”  Truly this is the only way we have of positively impacting those around us.  Our words are seeds we plant deep in the hearts, spirits and minds of others.  The words we use to describe ourselves and others informs both our talk and our walk.  In order to walk well we must SPEAK THE GOOD!


One Response to “Speak The Good”

  1. Safi Says:

    “And finally brethern/sisters, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think (meditate) on these things.” Phil 4:8

    Why “think/meditate” on these things? Because “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Matt 12:34

    As we “take out the trash,” we must fill ourselves with what is true, honest… As you’ve said LaRhonda, pick up and read some positive stuff, count your blessings, marvel at creation — the sky, stars, breeze, rain, flowers, oceans, …the miracle of the human body, a child’s laughter…think of a beautiful song. And always remember that “there but by the grace of God go I”.

    Thanks LaRhonda!

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