Just A Few Days Ago

Just a few days ago (Dec. 31, 2010 to be exact) I turned 50.

While some shy away from this half century marker or run quickly to find the latest “stay young forever” gimmick, I looked forward to this new phase of life and anticipated it with great joy.

I expected to be more of myself.  And I am.  I anticipated a profound sense of gratitude for life itself and just enough “sense of urgency” to move me forward with grace and purpose.  And it happened.

I welcomed the kind of acceptance that stops you from sucking in your gut or bemoaning a changing shape that has partnered with gravity – LOL.  That happened, too.

I awaited the feeling of God’s presence in every breath.  And I did.

The sky seemed bluer.  The air seemed fresher.  A “newness” I can’t ever remember feeling made it’s home in my heart. 

Oprah Winfrey ends each issue of her  O Magazine with an article titled, “What I Know For Sure.” Well, after 50 years there are some things I KNOW FOR SURE, here are a few:

I KNOW love is all.  Not the kind of love that will have people buying heart shaped boxes of candy and in a few months, but the kind of love you see reflected in the clear, bright eyes of a child.  The kind of love God used to create the world.  Love is all we need to overcome any obstacle, to face all fears.  Love joins.  Love heals.  Love brings brilliant clarity.  Love never changes even when circumstances and relationships shift like leaves in the wind.

I KNOW you cannot make it fit.  Just like you cannot make a size 12 foot fit into a size 7 shoe, you cannot make something that was not meant to be happen no matter how much you want it.  Think of that wonderful, beautifully big, size 12 foot being forced in that too cute size 7 shoe…..OUCH!!  So when you find yourself hobbling along into mental, emotional and spiritual territory that causes you to say “OUCH” find out what’s not fitting AND put yourself in the right size life!

I KNOW there are joy and peace in focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have.  Doing just that is my #1 intention for 2011.  Despite the last several years of watching CNN report on our lack of almost everything, I’ve decided to re-direct my energy into what I can influence/impact.  Recession, depression, unemployment, foreclosure, crime, poverty, etc. are real.  However, they don’t get to take my joy and peace.  After all my joy and peace have absolutely nothing to do with the Dow Jones, gas prices, or credit scores.  Think of that old time church favorite “This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away” the next time you’re faced with “reality.”

I KNOW that anything you think you want you have to put your best foot forward to get it.  It won’t just happen.  If you’re my age or older, you probably grew up with a heavy dose of Disney.  We were invited (or indoctrinated, but that’s for another entry) to believe in a world of magic; fairy godmothers who waved magic wands and turned pumpkins into coaches, frogs into princes, and raggedy, hardworking girls, into princesses.  BREAKING NEWS!!!! It was just a movie, y’all.  The wonder of our real world requires our total and persistent effort and participation, mixed with just the right amount of faith.  That’s the formula for miracles; let Disney keep its magic wands.

Wishing you a Happy and Brilliant New Year~a year filled with peace even in the midst of storms; joy even when sorrow shows up; love when hate would make you feel better; courage when you are scarred out of your mind; and faith when all seems hopeless.  Be Well~

2 Responses to “Just A Few Days Ago”

  1. Dera Williams Says:

    La Rhonda, this is beautiful and profound. I am printing this out and taping to my file divider at work. Really hit home. Keep ’em coming. Susan L. Taylor doesn’t have anything on you.

  2. meikom3 Says:


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