Love Without Heart-shaped Boxes of Chocolate

Dear Hearts,

If this weekend finds you home wondering why you are alone or has you wondering what made you love the person sleeping next to you in the first place, give yourself a break. This  holiday, even if you can call Valentine’s Day a holiday, has a way of making us feel like we’re missing out on something if overpriced flowers don’t start arriving. 

How you choose to spend this weekend is all up to YOU!  Even if you’re in a relationship that makes you smile, YOU get to decide your mood this Valentine’s Day.  I say, choose to show yourself some love!

To do that you first have to find out what makes you feel loved.  If you have no idea, not having a date for Valentine’s Day is hardly the issue. 

I don’t know about you, but surrounding myself with love always helps me.  Before I remarried sixteen years ago, a group of girlfriends and myself sent each other Valentine’s cards that talked about friendship and  our loving hearts.  Sometimes we took ourselves to a movie or ordered Chinese and spent the evening listening to Motown tunes and watching our favorite movies.  Far from the sad picture of women sorry that they didn’t have a man that this scene may conjure in the minds of many, it was a night of celebration and sisterhood.  We CHOSE to have a good time on Valentine’s Day date-less or not. 

Love comes in many forms.  None of them are in the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that many of us just feel guilty for eating anyway (smile.)  Love is being able to laugh with someone or at yourself.  Love is knowing when to allow the tears of a lonely sistah to fall in silence and knowing when to hand her a Kleenex and tell her to blow her nose.  Love is helping someone see the best in themselves for who they are and not who does or does not ask them to dinner on Feb. 14th.

This year, like during my un-married years, I mailed Valentine’s Day cards to my sistahs!  Because that’s love.

So this weekend MAKE love….not the physical kind, but the kind that warms hearts and brings a smile to the face of someone who thinks that the world has forgotten about them.   You’ll be pleased to discover that what you receive is better than any flower that will die in the next 7 – 10 days or chocolate that comes in heart-shaped boxes.

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