Making Dreams Come True


When I started “On My Heart” I committed to posting a new entry each Friday.  This was to re-focus my writing efforts and to be consistent in my conversations with each of you.  Well, I’m late this week, because I am making my dream of finishing revisions on my first novel come true!  So, if I miss a Friday or two over the next several months or so, just know that I’m up to something even greater that I hope to share with you all as soon as possible!

Dreaming is wonderful.  I feel it is necessary to a worthwhile and productive life.  Dreaming allows us the chance to move outside of our current circumstances and into a place where we can feel freedom often denied in our day to day lives.  Dreaming without discipline is self-indulgent and wasteful.  Making dreams come true takes sacrifice and discipline.  Making dreams come true can be inconvenient and sometimes physically uncomfortable.  You may miss out on some things in the short term, as making dreams come true is all about the longterm.

So, what do you dream for yourself?  If you can’t answer this, it is time to press the  STOP button on your life and spend some time allowing yourself the luxury.  I’ve found that just having a dream can help you get through those rough times that are known to come to human beings.  Just knowing that you were created for something larger than the job you go to daily, or the trivial chaos we happen upon from time to time is enough to move us to our dreams.

Several years ago, I worked as an independent consultant for a health and wellness company, Warm Spirit, Inc.  One of my tag lines in sharing the way I worked my business had to do with moving folks toward their “dreamed about” life.  It is time.  Dust off those long forgotten dreams you had before the children, career and mortgage or dream some new dreams.  Take the time to listen to the dream of someone else, encourage the dreams of your children. 

Make room in your life for your dreams.  I am now budgeting my time to include 2 hours of writing daily.  Yes, there are still only 24 hours in a day.  I just looked at what I was doing with my waking hours and discarded a few things (like watching back-to-back episodes of Criminal Minds or NCIS on the USA Channel) that weren’t helping to make my dreams come true.

What are you dreaming?

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