What’s In A Name?

This entry started in my mind and journal as one that talked about the power of names; naming ourselves; what we allow others to call us and why.  I thought about asking us to investigate the titles we hold tightly as if our every breath was dependent upon what’s written on a plastic name tag.  Then I thought about asking what we might call ourselves if we named ourselves to fit our character; our habits, our desires.  I was thinking about challenging us to consider what others call us and whether we ought to allow them to continue.  Then I nixed those  ideas and made room for something else…..here it is:

Got a new name today.  One that speaks to who I am.  One that reminds me of the brilliance placed inside of me even before my Mama knew I was nestled in the cradle of her womb.

Got a new name today.  One that makes me stand up straight and walk with the stride of African queens; dark and regal.

Got a new name today.  One that helps me dry the tears of the broken-hearted and laugh out loud without worrying about what others might think.

Got a new name today.  One that humbles me with every breath and coats my tongue with gratitude.

What’s your name?

One Response to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. safi Says:

    my name is Safi!

    It’s interesting to watch how difficult it is for people who have called you a name for 37 years, work to call you a new name. It is curious for them — hard on the tongue — harder on their idea of you changing. For a while, everyone is conscience of speaking your name — every syllable pronounced to get it right — want to know its meaning — and it must be profound. Some people, usually family, make fun of you, refuse to call you a new name, write you off as “flighty”, “confused”… But there are others, usually friends, who embrace your new name, honor the your right to your own self, celebrate your change and your courage.

    My name is Safi!

    what you have chosen to be called.

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