Preparing For NEW

Read a couple of things this morning during my quiet time/prayer/meditation that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Because I believe there are no coincidences, it became quickly clear that both of these readings had been especially brought to me to prepare me for the New Year.

The first reading comes from a book entitled, “Until Today” by Iyanla Vanzant and talked about PURPOSE.  During one of her book readings/signings years ago she said something that has stayed with me and returns to me when I need it most:  “God has a plan.  That’s ALL you need to know.”   For me this was huge because I am one of those folks who wants to know what the plan is (and yes, I recognize that this is a part of my trust, faith, patience issue…I’m working on it – LOL.)  The reading this morning discussed OUR purpose within the plan and how few of us take the time to listen for our purpose.  No wonder our plans don’t go as planned.  It is not our plan that matters.

The second reading is from Proverbs 31:8-9.  From the New International Version of The Bible it reads this way:  “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

Sounds like PURPOSE and PLAN.

As you prepare for a new year,  cast off all that binds and blocks you.  Throw away those things that no longer serve or fit you.  Make up your mind to be on the lookout for your purpose or if you have been blessed to already know it, to walk boldly in it at all times.  Stop devising plans and worrying over their execution.  Wait and the plan will be revealed.  I’ll be joining you.

Wishing You A Purpose-Realized New Year!

One Response to “Preparing For NEW”

  1. safi Says:

    Oh, The Plan!

    Many years ago, one of my sons said, “Mom? I know what our purpose is.” “It is to love God and everybody He created.” He was about 7 years old. It is that simple and that ENORMOUS.

    I purpose, in this new year, to be in purpose. Thanks for the reminder of Proverbs!

    Blessed New Year!

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