I couldn’t wait until our usual time together on Fridays.  Just saw the movie, “Precious” and we better STOP!

STOP judging and blaming.  STOP allowing ourselves to imagine we are so different from each other based on the texture of our hair, the melanin (or lack thereof) in our skin, where we live or with whom.

We better STOP ignoring the cries of our children; cries that look like anger, defiance, drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, apathy, homocide and suicide.  We better STOP assuming every pregnant teenager has a boyfriend and find out if she and her baby have the same father.

STOP shaking and talking about what a shame it is when we see mothers yelling and cussing at their 2 year olds.  STOP pretending that our sisterfriends are  just “tired” when they sit in darkened rooms, staring at TV sets for weeks.  STOP ignoring our own pain.

START loving (first yourself in all your glorious imperfection.)  START healing.  START listening and helping.  START letting your light lead someone else out of their terrifying darkness.  START loving children and the child inside every adult you see. 

Who knows, you may just fool around and save the lives of those generations we call lost.

P.S.  See the MOVIE!  And tell every mother, father, grandmother, teacher, social worker, teenager……you know.

2 Responses to “STOP and START”

  1. dwillwrite Says:

    Wow, I see this movie made an impact on you. You are right though. It is so easy to get caught up, shake our heads and point an accusing finger at “those people.” I know I have been guilty of this and pray God deals with my heart. Good words. YGG

  2. Safi Says:

    I have read all of your Friday writings! All struck a cord. I say Precious also. The Women’s circle at my church took the teenage girls to see it too. We had a rich discussion afterward. Although it was hard to watch, I appreciated the TRUTH it. We too often don’t know how ugly it really is for folk. I made myself keep my eyes open (but I confess, I couldn’t finish reading the book). You are soooo right, we’d all better STOP the madness of self-hatred and hating others and START truely loving ourselves and others — especially those that look like us; who are from the same ancestors! All those beautiful black faces!!!!

    until next.

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