365 Days to Thank You

I know the story of the Pilgrims and the help they received from the “Indians” that enabled them to survive their first winter in the “new” world.

Oprah talked to the masses years ago about the wonders and healing powers of gratitude and millions rushed out to purchase journals to scribble their thanks each day.

Some of us who kinda get the part of the holiday that has nothing to do with turkey and cranberry sauce participate in the pre-dinner ritual of having everyone present share one thing for which he/she is grateful BEFORE eating his/herself into a turkey coma!

But there are 365 days (366 for Leap Years) to say THANK YOU. It just seems ridiculous to save it all for the 4th Thursday in November.

Let’s be THANKFUL everyday AND take the time to thank someone.
Look the salesperson or checker in the eye and THANK them, particularly today when most are out stimulating an economy that’s abused us all royally (let me stop…that’s a conversation for another day.) THANK your parents or folks who served in their place for some life lesson or experience that helped shape you. You can even thank those parents that fell short of your needs and/or expectations. They taught you what NOT to be/do. THANK your child(ren) teacher. He/she shows up every day, sometimes unable to do what he/she signed up for – to teach – because so many of our children arrive in classrooms each day needing mommy, daddy, nurse, psychologist, etc. that it make teaching the ABCs almost impossible.

THANK your spouses and partners. As terrific as you think you are sometimes you can make those who love you answer “YES” to the Southwest question, “Wanna get away?”

During this recession (which by the way, I heard on the news a couple of nights ago is over – my memo must be lost in the mail because it is still alive and well at my house) I’ve even felt a twinge of gratitude while paying bills.

So, that’s enough of blog reading for today…go say THANK YOU to somebody!

One Response to “365 Days to Thank You”

  1. GB Says:

    Thank you…for being the you you are to me and all of us who share our aquaintance with you as family, friend, mentor, teacher…

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